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Flying Field Information

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Field address: 14501 North Old Galena Road, Chillicothe Illinois, 61523

GPS coordinates: N 40 51.844'  W 89 33.788'

Runway: East West 9/27 500' long with 20' over run each end. We fly facing north.



Location: We are about 3 miles north of Mossville Illinois, immediately north of the Caterpillar Tech Center property. From the intersection of Old Galena Road and Cedar Hills Drive, go one mile north to the power lines and turn left (west) on the gravel lane. The flying area will be between the third and fourth high line towers to your right (north).

Major Field Rules:
Flying Hours:
Mufflers required...noise program is in use
No alcohol

See our Documents page for complete rules


Field Construction Log

We are up and running with our new field. Both buildings were completed on Friday March 27,2009. A few punch list items remain. Thanks to those who contributed and helped with construction. See the April 2009 newsletter for photos.

The field area was expanded 50' to the north and 20' was added to each end of the runway. There will be a 20' border around the field planted in wheat and alfalfa. Planting is complete. A new sign was installed on Old Galena Road. Most of our assets have been removed from the old field. The new field is available for flying. Our frequency board is out for repair. Be very careful with your transmitter until the board is back in service. Gravel for the lane will be delivered and spread on 10/31/2008. Happy Halloween!!!!!

We plan to officially move to the new field by 10/31/2008. All details are in order with legalities, permits, etc. See any officer for for the purchase of a bond to help with the financing of field improvements.

We have grass about 3" high. The entry lane is laid out and waiting gravel.

The new field has marker stakes in place. It's almost grass planting time.

The field is on Peoria Park District property. The PPD does not charge rent. The club pays for all improvements to the site and the expense related to the access road.

How are we paying for the field and improvements?: Our dues of $100 per year will remain unchanged. Members will be assessed $400 payable athe rate of $100 per year in years 2008-2011. If the member elects to pay the assessment up front, the one time payment will be $375. The assessment is based upon the estimated expense for the planting grass, upgrading the access road, a shelter, rest room and other improvements. Should the cost of the improvements come in lower than anticipated it is possible that dues could be reduced in later years. Membership is on a calendar year basis. Dues and assessments are due January 1 of each year.

What is the timetable for the use of the field?: Grass will be planted in November or December 2007. If all goes well, we will be flying in the spring of 2008. As of this writing (11/11/2007) the owner of our current field would lease the old site to us on a partial year basis. The agreement has not been finalized.

How big is the field?: Our club area is 500' x 262" with a 12' allowance made to create an entry lane on the north side of the power poles if ever necessary. The actual runway is 500' x 100'. It is an east/west runway (9/27 for big airplane pilots).

Is there a name for the field? Not at this time. The late Bill Rutherford was instrumental in finding the site for us. The land was originally donated to the Peoria Park District by the Forest Park Foundation.

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